Friday, 15 January 2016

Sweet baby bun bun.

The yarn is King Cole Cherish baby yarn, which comes in wonderful colours. The pattern for the dress and bolero is a free one by Just Crochet, I think I got this and another pattern free for signing up to the newsletter on the site.

The applique bunny is a pattern from Repeat Crafter Me,isn't it cute! The smiley face buttons in the perfect colour were from Fabric Magic in Trowbridge, they are also on the back of the dress which I haven't photographed, I will do it and add it!

Now the pattern is only for 0 - 3 months, and baby Lily is already 9 weeks, so not sure if she will wear it or her baby cousin not yet born as far as I know but was due yesterday! Or someone else - I have already been asked to make another set for someone!

I intend to make some slippers and maybe a headband as I have a little of the yarn left, I used two balls of the teal and one of the pebble shade to make this and it is DK thickness.

This was sitting waiting to be finished while I completed the star blanket, but I had a bit of a health scare yesterday and thought I was going to be hospitalised so I finished it quickly and started another project which I could take with me - if I had to go. Luckily all was well and I didn't need to go after all. I am sitting here wearing the next project, it is too warm to wear indoors, and I can't get the webcam to work and take a photo - which is why I am wearing it!

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