Sunday, 14 February 2016

More preemie makes.

I grabbed a ball of yarn and hook when we had another long wait in hospital recently, and this set of C2C blanket and beanie for a preemie baby went to NICU at the RUH, and I am told that they were "absolutely delighted" with it.

While we were away in Torquay I made another set in pale green.

The blanket probably needs blocking. This was taken in the hotel, see the posh damask bed cover thing. 
I have been suffering with dermatitis on my left hand, and my index finger is so sore I have had to stop crocheting for now, I hope it heals up soon, it is currently cracked and sore and nothing seems to help it.
Anyway this set will also go to the RUH NICU soon, and I have a package of other items to go to the Preemie and Angel baby group in Grimsby, and I have estranged family in Grimsby and the area so it seems appropriate. The group is desperate for items for twins at present.

These were the only photos I took when we were away because after a good trip down and first day hubby ended up in Torbay hospital in the early hours of the next morning, he wasn't at all well poor chap. Cancer is such a nasty disease, and comes with many other afflictions and not just physical ones. So it turned into the holiday from hell, and I didn't enjoy the food or surroundings while I was alone in the hotel. Shaun got to spend one night in the hotel and we came back a day early because he was clearly not enjoying it one bit. Our lovely son kindly came down by train and drove us back to save my poor back and knees.

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  1. Such delightful makes - so very sweet. I love the stitch design on the blankies. :-)
    So sorry to hear about the break not going well. My cuddling are are winging their way to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx