Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Infinity scarf

This is my latest make, an infinity scarf for hubby - and he is actually wearing it! The pattern is a free one from Little Monkeys Crochet, which was done originally in pure Marino wool, mine is made with Stylecraft Life which is 25% wool and 75% acrylic and the colour is Denim. After making this I really understand the third loop thing that I didn't quite get right on the Rustic scarf a couple of posts back!

We have had a couple of walks down to Barton Farm again and I've been lucky to get some great photos of swans, a cormorant catching fish, moorhens, the robin, canoeists and a grey heron really close. On top of the Kingfisher the other day this has made me really happy. I can't understand the people who throw sticks and balls into the water for their dogs to fetch (or in one case a small boy was just throwing stones while his carer watched) when it contains ducks, swans and a heron! The swans were threatening dogs that went near them, the heron seemed to put up with it, and one day a dog was chasing the ducks across the river!
Unfortunately Sooty seems to have picked up a tummy bug, he was running loose and Alfie was on his lead, so Sooty got to stick his nose in more places than Alfie and maybe even found something he shouldn't eat! Lets hope it doesn't last long or spread to Alfie!

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