Tuesday, 8 November 2016

T on Tuesday on my crochet blog.

So sorry I haven't been round and commented on anyone from last week, I really appreciated all of your lovely comments - but the week seems to have vanished somewhere!
This was my breakfast, I made a healthy fruit pancake stack and there is my favourite pint mug with fruit tea in it! This is for the benefit of the lovely folks who visit Elizabeth and Bleubeard's place on Tuesdays!
This was a late breakfast, it was so cold this morning that after I let Sooty out just before 7am we decided to go back to our nice warm bed again until 9am!
I evicted this lot from the bed this morning, Sooty always takes a toy up and if he thinks I should go up earlier he often takes two, one and comes back down then takes another. Winnie the Pooh is not a dog toy but came with him just over 11 years ago when we rescued him privately, and although he has had some repairs and is very tattered Sooty still loves him the best!
When I woke up again and checked my mobile I had a text from my son saying his washing machine had broken down could I do his washing (which was downstairs, so he came in while I was in bed and neither of us heard him).

I love this yarn, the colours are gorgeous! It was from PookGB on Etsy and it was calling to me so I dropped everything and made a lacy shawl.

This shawl is the Lizard shawl by Jasmin Räsänen, the pattern is free on Ravelry and it was in Russian with a chart which I hoped to try and figure out one day - then I found out that Jose Crochet had provided an English (US terms) translation, YAY! Here it is being blocked, and when it is dry I hope I can figure out how to wear it - not great with these non conventional shaped things! I also hope it will keep the shape it should and won't need blocking every time it is washed (but suspecting it might).

This is the Jennika mystery craft along, I restarted the first section when the first attempt didn't come out to the right size, everyone else is on section 4! 

It was my Granddaughter's 1st birthday party on Sunday, she is 1 tomorrow, and this was her cake that she looks unimpressed by!

These are the amazing toilets in the Chinese Restaurant called Watersky in Bristol.

The weekend before last we visited Whitehall garden centre at Lacock, and it was like a Christmas grotto gone mad. Here are a few photos taken on the phone:

Trying the hats!


  1. Your little granddaughter is gorgeous. That breakfast looks good,too. Have a nice week, happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  2. oooh so many happy, festive moments in this post cazzy! Your stacked pancake looks divine. I remember many days in winters that i would be up very early send my son off to school -and then go back to nap again too:) Those days are gone for now as hubby has a different work shift...
    love those sweet toys your Sooty cherishes. Gorgeous shawl!!! Not sure I'd know how to wear it but I sure would try.
    What a good looking family and an utterly adorable granddaughter! Glad you enjoyed a wonderful day together. Happy T day!

  3. Your little grand daughter is so sweet, the Birthday cake and your breakfast stack lloked delicious. I enjoyed seeing your photos as well.

  4. What a fabulous post! Your breakfast looks delicious! Love the photos of the Garden centre and your oh so cute Granddaughter! Happy T day! Chrisx

  5. It looks a lot like Christmas at that garden center. It is certainly putting me in the mood, especially since I see your granddaughter's smiling face trying on the hats. And her birthday was adorable, even if she wasn't enthused over the cake.

    Sooty cracks me up. He must be feeling better, and bringing all those toys to bed with him had me laughing.

    I have to admit your breakfast looks much better than mine. That was a HUGE stack of fruity pancakes. Thanks for sharing the fruit tea, your breakfast, your granddaughter's birthday, and the Christmas preview with us for T this Tuesday. I would have been by sooner, but I was out and about around the time you posted, and just got home.

  6. Wow, what a great post! I would happily eat that delicious fruit pancake stack - yum! I can see why the mug is your favourite - those doggies are very cute! Your little granddaughter is so adorable and what a magnificent cake. As for the toilet, it really has some style and elegance :-). The shawl is amazing, such a pretty design and that is certainly a magical winter wonderland you visited. Thanks so much for sharing and wishing you a Happy T Day this Wednesday! J :-).

  7. Happy T Tuesday! Looks like a treat to me!

  8. oh what fun...Christmas overload already! I'm not ready...love your beautiful shawl though, truly gorgeous! happy T day a bit late!

  9. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". What a fun post today. All that Christmas stuff already.
    Your breakfast looks yummy.
    Did you eat at WEater Sky? How was it? We were in Bristol recently but haven't been (no time). It seems so huge.
    Belated happy T-Day,