Tuesday, 18 July 2017

T on Tuesday long post.

I haven't joined in T on Tuesday for so long, first I wasn't well for a few weeks which seems to be an allergic reaction to something, I've been taking antihistamines since I worked it out and have felt a lot better. I was so drowsy, I just wanted to sleep and had no energy and everything was an effort. I thought it was the heat then it carried on. 
It's hot again here though.
My friend posted about a fruit infuser bottle, and I thought why not just put some fruit and mint in a glass? I kept this fruit going for over a week until I noticed this morning it had gone mouldy. How long is the fruit good for really I wonder? Now I've gone and bought an infuser bottle myself, I wasn't going to.
So grab a drink yourself and join in the fun at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's place. There seems to be a party going on.

I've been thinking for a while that I needed a comfy chair I could sit and crochet in, and remembering the IKEA Poang chair I used to have that was so comfy, but we didn't have the room for it at the time. I wanted a chair for the summerhouse this time. Well I was driving home from dropping off the great grannies and saw a sign saying free, there were two chairs. I turned around and between me and my son's girlfriend we managed to get one of them in the car. It was dirty so I washed the outer and inner covers and then the foam. Covers shrank a bit but it's fine. Now I am planning a crocheted cover for it as if I don't have enough queued up!

Then my son found an advert for two leather cushioned chairs and a footstool, I had been wishing I had gone back for the second free chair, when I did the next day it was gone. I wanted a footstool too! I was thinking if I ruined the chair by washing it I could go get a new cushion in IKEA quite cheaply, but I had no idea that there were loads of these chairs selling second hand locally.
The leather ones are gorgeous and so comfortable, I really feel like the summerhouse is somewhere I want to sit all day until it gets too hot!
Now I am worried that when the sun gets round to shining on the summerhouse windows in the late afternoon and evening it will fade the lovely leather cushions so now I have ordered some blinds for the windows and doors! This could also make it cooler to sit in, well a little as there is no insulation, but it is feeling less shed like to me now. I'm thinking of getting some solar powered lights, bought some before but they never worked. If the solar bit is outside and the lights inside, I hope I can get it to work this time.
I'm also thinking a little side table or even two would be nice. The dogs love the new chairs too which are being covered to protect them for now.

Luna in the free chair, now washed and clean.

As for the dogs, there is so much to tell. Bertie makes Luna much naughtier than she was before, although she was pretty good - they have both hopped over the fence into next door's garden when they were out in the front part of my garden. This happened twice now, the second time they sneaked past me and I suddenly noticed they were gone! If I shout Bertie - biscuit, he comes back and Luna will follow, luckily they can't get out anywhere else.
This morning I had to rescue a small frog that Bertie was playing with in the kitchen, then I had to lift him up to extract him from Luna's breakfast!
Yesterday I saw him on top of the pond net with Luna watching, later I found a fish tail and part of a fish on the sofa! Don't know if he found a dead fish or caught a live one!

We've gone walking round the fields a few times, the crop of rapeseed looked ready and Luna thought it was wonderful to run inside it and explore, I daren't let Bertie off too or I would have been there all night trying to get them back. Bertie was on the extender and one time I was talking to some people and he went in and got tangled - then I had to go in and untangle him and then I looked like I had been through a hedge!

Yesterday  they had harvested the crops, Luna was so surprised to find her playground flattened. So for the first time I let him off the lead round the fields, he and Luna went charging off at great speed. 
They did keep coming back, well Bertie did for biscuits and Luna followed. They both went off through a stile into a field where the crop was not harvested and I thought that was it, would lose them for hours but thank goodness Bertie came back for biscuits again closely followed by Luna. Further round the field and Bertie was heading back in the wrong direction towards that stile, so I called him and put him back on the lead. Too much excitement for one day! Sooty always plods along behind.
Poor Sooty had a grass seed in his paw and was biting me when I tried to get it out, Bertie and Luna were both shouting at Sooty to protect me, since then Luna has attacked Sooty twice for no good reason which I really need to stop, Bertie joins in and poor Sooty is scared to go near them or me.

 Before all of this we went to a couple of dog shows, well three and Luna picked up some rosettes so did Sooty. The last show we went to Bertie was there too, I take all three into the ring but they are fun dog shows not serious ones. Bertie didn't get a rosette but Luna got first in Best Rescue and then was Best in Show. Sooty got third in Best Veteran, he won third in Best rescue in an earlier show.

 The dogs got prizes and vouchers at this show too!
I'm assuming it was Bertie who chewed through the vacuum cleaner cable, as Luna has never chewed cables and Bertie looked very guilty when I asked who did it!

Luna got her bronze award at dog training, so she should be very very good lol!
This was the top I told you I wouldn't wear with a light vest underneath...

... same top dark vest underneath, I wore it like this! 

We went on a very long walk, about 3 hours one Sunday afternoon round the Iford Manor estate.

Worked out how to grow marigolds that don't get eaten, tubs and copper tape!

This is the biggest fish in the pond, nothing else comes close yet! Luna is scared of it!

Bertie posing.

My little granddaugher Lily on the pink bike I bought her secondhand, worrying about the dogs play fighting!

What my washing line often looks like since Bertie got here!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

T on HeaTwave Tuesday

Iced water for the dogs on T for Tuesday, that big beverage party at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's place. It's a heatwave here in the UK temperatures of 32 celsius and even 34 celsius, and I can't function in that sort of heat. So I haven't done a lot since it started on Saturday, first thing open the doors and windows when it is cool, then close the windows, blinds, curtains and put the fans on as the temperature soars. We have no air conditioning, it is unusual in the UK in domestic houses, well most of them.
Once again I haven't gone round and commented, and I only got part way the week before, but this weather has stopped me doing so much. I just sleep all day, then go out late with the dogs when it is cool, then by the time I get their dinners for tomorrow, sort out bins, open windows, get my hot chocolate it is time for bed. Hard to sleep in this heat then they want to get up at 7am when I could just sleep!

Sooty and Bertie keeping cool, they gave me a fright last week as Bertie got out of the front door, I don't think he would have gone anywhere but Luna burst out and carried on playing and chased him all down the road and across a busy main road - I ran down our road, didn't think I could. Saw cars slowing, and when I got there they were just waiting the other side thankfully unharmed. Since then they are shut in the living room before the front door is opened! Luna had got good about not going out, but the arrival of her new playmate changed all of that!

Bertie thinks it is never too hot for a cuddle!

I found my new top, which only needed the ends sewn in, on the floor chewed!

I decided that I would try and repair it, or there would be a lot of frogging (unpicking) and rework to do. First I worked out two rows were affected and pulled them back either side to give a long end to sew or braid in. I used stitch markers to hold vital parts, these stitch markers are no good for crochet and I am going to give them to Mum for her knitting.

This is the repair, I missed a loop one end and the other marker is on the last stitch. I think I got away with it, unless you knew it was there you wouldn't really notice it - well I hope not anyway.

I'm not taking a photo of me wearing it, it's a little snug and you have to wear a vest underneath. I saw what I looked like - maybe next year. Too hot to wear it at the moment anyway.

Sooty sunbathing.

Dinner today, a recipe that was posted on Facebook for one pan garlic herb chicken and asparagus, didn't have any asparagus today so I used what I had. The first time I made this someone came to the door and Luna stole my chicken off the plate! At least I felt like eating, the heat has put me off then I get back at 10pm with the dogs and it's too late to cook.

I won't use slug pellets, so the two boxes of marigolds I planted in the garden all got munched or maybe trampled, so I decided to plant some in tubs with copper tape round them. These wooden planters were bought for some tree ferns I bought last year, overwintered them in the greenhouse and they died. They were in special compost so it was a big waste of money but the tubs are pretty and not heavy.

All the dogs together but I could only get Bertie to look at me!

Playing tug!

Just playing.
Bertie trying to get Luna to play but it's too hot and she doesn't want to!

This is the clematis that I bought to replace the wisteria I dug up when Luna started chewing it, there is a honeysuckle there too which isn't doing so well.

Here is my hot raw cacao in progress, I have now run out of ground vanilla and can't get more. So it has cinnamon and nutmeg only. 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

T on Tuesday and my big secret revealed, or the dog's out of the sack!

This is Bertie, the photo I fell in love with. He's adopted from Cyprus and I didn't tell my family a thing! My son met him last night so I can tell the world now!

I drove an hour to a service station near Swindon, where at 12:30 pm I waited with a few other people until 1:30am when the Woofers van arrived with our precious pooches. Got some funny looks from the man staffing the service station though.
I asked the Woofers person to please put the car harness on and adjust it, as well as the slip lead. Driving along the motorway the noises from the back seat were distracting enough, then a little head appeared by my shoulder. I drove trying to push him back with my arm, then wiggle wiggle and he was in the passenger seat! So I spent the rest of the motorway journey driving with one hand on his collar, good job it's an automatic car, he kept trying to get on my lap!
Got to Chippenham and stopped in another service station and refitted the harness, a strap had come right out. It didn't take him long to wiggle out of it again and I realised (hope) it was due to the hair as you will see later. Boy did he stink, due to a misunderstanding he wasn't groomed at all in Cyprus.

I bought some new beds, buy one get one half price. They are made from recycled bottles. Sooty seems to like them.

Luna tried it out too, I was worried that medium wasn't that big but she managed to get in and curl up and I thought I had a photo of that but can't find it now.
When Bertie arrived one of the first things he did was pee on the new bed so good job it is machine washable! Due to the smell and the peeing I put him in the kitchen which has a waterproof bed in it, and tried to get some sleep at around 4am. I woke at 6:30 and couldn't stay in bed, had a job to do!

This was Bertie's first meal as soon as I got him home, after letting them out in the garden. It was rice and chicken that I cooked. Afterwards he peed on the bowl!

He loved his new toy, and settled down in the kitchen. I had the bucket and mop on standby!

Later that morning (6:30am remember) Bertie exploring the garden.

Luna had been the most worried when I brought Bertie to the door, had to do it as no car harness by then. She was trembling and drooling as she does in the car, I think she thought this is it - I'm being replaced. Sooty didn't seem too worried then.

Got to work after breakfast, really the hair was so matted and dirty it all had to come off. Got a whole bag full. Then I had to clean up and shampoo the carpets, the floor was already washed at least twice.

Bertie seemed quite chilled about being groomed.

Bertie with Luna afterwards, he also had a bath and it must feel so much better!

Luna was so unsure about him until she realised he would play with her and they haven't stopped since!

Bertie chilling on the memory foam dog bed.

Exploring the garden with Luna.

Shaking that octopus!

More exploring.

Out with Sooty. Sooty seems to be more wary now the other two are playing but apart from them cannoning into him and making him scream one time, after which the two boys nearly had a punch up, they play and leave him in peace.

Wrestling with Luna, unfortunately some of the videos I took end in doggy porn, Bertie doesn't seem to realise he is neutered yet, and Luna has been encouraging him like a hussy!

It was a game of chase like this that ended up with Sooty getting hurt!

Bertie loves all the toys, old and new and is constantly playing. Everyone agrees he had Schnauzer in him, among other things.

Bedtime last night.

Second night, I wanted to leave Bertie downstairs again at least until I got his skin checked out by the vets, but Bertie had other ideas. He woke at 5:30 the next morning and wanted to play! It would be 7:30 in Cyprus. This morning it was 6:16, so better but I went back to bed to try and get a little more sleep then didn't get up until nearly 10am! I was in the bathroom when the window cleaner rang the bell, he was followed by two delivery people then I was trying to shower and dress before the window cleaner wanting paying and the phone went! The vet ruled out ringworm, thinks the hair loss could be a reaction to being clipped and the lesion from a bite. So Bertie will have twice weekly baths for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.
Anyway he is very brave and not worried about anything much, not like Luna, so he probably lived in  a home at some point. He squares up to other dogs too no matter the size, and he wants to cuddle up close to me and follows me around. They all do at the moment, trying to establish who owns me I guess!
So after all the excitement this morning breakfast was at midday, is that brunch or lunch? 
I made fruit pancakes and fruit infusion to go with them.

Of course it is time for T on Tuesday at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's place, and I did get started on going round commenting, sorry I didn't manage everyone.