Friday, 8 January 2016

Confessions of a hoarder!

In the garage "loft" I have 4 large wheeled boxes of yarn on cones which I acquired when I was machine knitting. Apart from belonging to a machine knitting club where I often bought yarn from others, I sent off for yarn and bought yarn from a local textile mill which is no longer there!

The following photos show some inside shots from these 4 boxes.

 This is the train layout I need to crawl under to get to the boxes, I was up there looking for something else and thought I better visit my long neglected stash of yarn!

 See the boxes peeping through?

 Ah there they are, under the trains!

Then there are two shelves in my tiny built in wardrobe..... here be my bestest yarns, pure silk and just some I like!

 Then the airing cupboard where I have a (previously secret) stash of cones of Shetland wool.....
 ... well it was secret but then himself was decorating! Have you wondered why it is in a charity bag? Did he really think I would part with my treasure?

All of the cones are 4 ply or thinner, most of them thinner. There was a time when I knew exactly what the labels meant, the ply/count, the yarn composition, but now I would have to revisit it all and some of the labels have faded to white I noticed so I have no chance! The 4 ply would be easy to use for crochet, the rest not so easy. Maybe I need to get the machine out (I'm only "allowed" to put it up in my craft room, and there isn't enough space to move let alone set up a large machine!) or get rid of some of it!

These are more recent boxes, they are next to me right now and under my card crafting table, bit overflowing! In front are some patterns, and the last thing to come off the knitting machine that I never finished but have thoughts of making into a shoulder tote.

This is also more recently acquired yarn, new big box too, and bags and the green bin and pink bin and purple basket full!

Lurking next to the underbed boxes next to me are two crates and some bags, there are more cones in here, one cardigan minus one sleeve, and some material and fine crochet cottons.

One of my current WIPs, nearly finished.

 Today I filled that empty yarn tote to take with me to the hospital and start a star blanket. Sheep Amigurumi also in progress - in the purple basket.

New yarn as per last post.

Random purchase shot.

There is more on the way too, 3 packs of super chunky at an unbelievable sale price, a pack of yarn to make a Moroccan Tile blanket, and some more handpainted DK!

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