Saturday, 16 January 2016

Rustic set, hat and infinity scarf.

It has turned cold here in Wiltshire, and the rest of the UK, and I had lost my only hat last year. It was a bought one anyway. I had stored these free patterns meaning to make them and I had left over yarn from my crochet jacket, and these were made just in time to keep me toasty on some crispy cold Winter walks!
The pattern was intended to be worked in plain yarn really, but I am happy with the results using James C Brett Lakeland which is a chained chunky yarn lovely to work with because there is no splitting.
The patterns are from Little Monkeys Crochet, Rustic Fringe Infinity Scarf and Rustic slouch hat. I had a few issues with the pattern, maybe it is me, it is an American pattern. I have asked the designer a lot of questions, maybe I have made wrong assumptions here!
I found that the repeat rows needed one more row to bring the rib to the same side, or maybe it shouldn't be - that is one of my questions. The tension is given just for width, my tension worked out exactly, so my scarf (worked sideways) was the right length, but when I had completed the requisite number of rows it was not the width stated so I need to do an additional repeat, which is why mine has 4 buttons not three.
Then the fringe, I wrapped the suggested number of times, and cut the fringe yarn but didn't have anywhere near enough to finish, even before I carried it on along the end. Maybe I threaded too many, but going by the written instruction and the photo I didn't think I had, and I had the exact number of stitches.
Then I got to the hat, of course the height should be correct as my stitch width was perfect remember, but the hat width, well measurements were only given for the finished hat at the brim so it was a bit of guesswork. I have asked the designer if the size of the first piece could be given, it would help a lot! My hat seems a little big, which is better than a little small!

I bought these buttons at a show ages ago, decided now was the time to use them! Maybe they are a bit big for the scarf but they are the best I could do without going shopping.

First time wearing the set, this is the Tythe Barn at Barton Farm Bradford on Avon, where we went for a short walk with the dogs. Alfie has got too old to do long walks, but we were all pleased to get out, and I got a Kingfisher photo or several - this made me very happy!
Oh my new coat (well new last Summer when I forgot to take one to Torquay and it was due to rain) looks very tight, well I have got my crocheted jacket in the same yarn on underneath, and it makes it very tight to get on. The set would look weird if I showed it with the matching jacket! Now what I really need is leg warmers, don't think I have enough of it left for those.

 I was so happy to see a Kingfisher on Thursday but I didn't have my camera, went back with it on Friday and I was ecstatic to find this beautiful bird still in the area and in good light to get these photos!

The ducks seemed to be getting fed lots of bread....

 .....the robin got some too!
 Sooty made a new friend.....
 ....three new friends then....
...he even got his paws wet in the river, and he hates water usually!

Finally I am not at all happy with Deramores, who sent an email advertising 80% of Stylecraft Allsorts super chunky yarn, it was an amazing offer and I could finally afford to make the chunky cardigan from Simply Crochet so I ordered 3 packs immediately. That was on Dec 30th, then after waiting and hoping I recieved notification on the 13th Jan that the order had been refunded. They said there had been an administrative error, also the yarn was discontinued and they were having problems getting it from Stylecraft. I suspect they put it on sale to hook us in so we would also buy something else. They don't seem to realise (or care) that us hookers talk to each other on Facebook groups, where many people were reporting the same, apart from one who said she was first told her order was cancelled, then told that it was still on order but would be delayed! 
So I am back on the hunt for some super chunky that is at a reasonable price to make my cardigan.
I also ordered enough yarn to make a blanket from Deramores, not in the kit form, but individually as it worked out a little cheaper to use all the same yarn at the sale prices. I had a MyHermes delivery of - drum roll dudududududududududududududududududuuu -
ONE BALL OF DAFFODIL YELLOW! Yes one ball at £2.45 arrived by courier with notes saying it was a part order and the rest was to follow! I have since complained about the refunded order, and at the same time mentioned that I would be even more unhappy if the same was to happen to my second order, and that I cannot think it is cost effective to send just one ball of yarn by courier! Since then I had a notification that my other order was being processed - funny that!

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