Tuesday, 10 January 2017

T on Tuesday with Loony Luna

Homemade mushroom 🍄 soup from a Slimming World recipe and I'm showing you this because it's T on Tuesday at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's place once more. I'm still trying to get through all the organic veg I over-ordered before Christmas.

Here's Luna relaxing in her new jumper. She's now chewed the buttons off one side so it needs a rethink.

Just look at that sweet innocent face. Butter wouldn't melt....... but Lovely cuddly Luna has issues and is quite naughty, in a toddler kind of way, too!

Walking on a very frosty day round the fields where the mud was frozen. Jumper was only missing one button at this point.

Luna can jump high, she loves it on the pond filter and she can clear the waterfall in either direction - even while racing up and down at 100 miles per hour! She can also vault the stair gate and I'm sure she's trying to work out if she can clear the heightened fence to go explore the school field behind!

Luna trying for the circus by walking across the pond frame. She's also tried walking along the edge and fallen off! She's just discovered the dead reeds and has been bringing them indoors to play with.

Better give Sooty a look in here. Poor Sooty, not only is Luna jealous of any affection Sooty gets (and she will sit on him or push him out the way to get all the attention), but she is very boisterous and frightens him so much that he doesn't want to get up or go up or downstairs for fear of getting hurt. 
The jealousy is a real concern, what if she is jealous of my little granddaughter?
I didn't want to make Sooty's life a misery either so I hope they will become more compatible in the next few weeks.
Training classes begin this week if I can drive after my appointment at the eye clinic and the drops I'm allergic to.

I was told Luna was very quiet and just sat quietly - wrong! She's totally loony at least twice a day!

Luna that's my ironing!
 On my bed together but apart.

It's a dog's life. Luna is scared of men. I found that out last Tuesday and it is a real issue. My youngest son Richard has been visiting daily to get her used to him. She's happy to snuggle up with him for cuddles - until he stands up. Then she starts growling.

Luna jumped up after Sooty was there or he probably wouldn't have joined her unless I was in the middle.
This looks like such a cosy scene, all of us together but Sooty didn't stay long after this and Luna pushes in so she is closest.
Luna's work in progress.

This is the gorgeous figurine that was my Christmas present from my lovely late hubby, along with a very sentimental card signed by him which had me in bits on the day.

This is a wonderful woodcarving that was a Christmas present from my youngest son, it is beautiful.

So what else has Luna done you might ask - well....
she stole a piece of raw chicken when I had to answer the phone,
whenever I am on the desktop computer she is looking for yarn to steal and unravel - she's doing that right now and she just worked out how to open the lid of a plastic box full of wool,
she ate a big hole in her jumper,
she rolled in poo,
she dug up mole hills,
she walked along the edge of the pond frame and fell off,
she raced round and round the house and garden,
she found the dead reeds in the pond and has been bringing them indoors,
she chases cats, even if I am on the end of the lead - ouch!,
she barked the first time on her 4th day,
she barks at every little noise now,
she will play with anything she can get and looks like she will chew it up,
she learnt to sit and stay, well it's a bit flaky but we are working on it and she will be going to training class this week hopefully.

Sooty is so scared of getting hurt by Luna, I thought he was alright walking with her and I've been letting him off the lead and keeping her on the extender but today on the last part of the walk when I crossed the road then let him off he ran so fast and kept running, he wouldn't stop! I was so scared he would cross the busy roads and run home, and there was no way I could catch him but Luna tried which made things worse. I'm too heavy to run very far or fast, not supposed to run at all with my osteoarthritic knees but I am hoping if I lose more weight, a few stones, I will one day be able to run again.

It's been a tough week as my Dad got a diagnosis of terminal melanoma and I've had to relive my experiences with my late hubby as I've been taking Dad to appointments.
I finally got my filling done today after messing up on times the last time, so it was soup for lunch eventually.
I have to either take dad or go to my own appointments every day this week.


  1. Your Luna seems to be a real handfull, lets hope she settles down when she gets to feel more secure. Sorry you now have issues with your father, too, life is not treating you well just now. Take care of yourself! Happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Happy T day! But oh dear. You certainly have A LOT on your plate Cazzy. I hope you'll be able to work things out with Luna. She sure is giving you a run for your money, not to mention poor sweet Sooty. But then-she shows her submission and that she is comfortable by lying about with her belly exposed. The jumpers are so cute but perhaps velcro would be better for Luna's? Beautiful sculptures from both your hubby and son. Your mushroom soup sounds wonderful! So sorry to hear about your father. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  3. Luna is for sure keeping you busy, I hope she settles soon, the classes will help. Sorry to read about your family health problems, look after yourself.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  4. Your soup looks delicious - Happy T Day! I hope Luna will settle down and life will be a bit easier for you and Sooty when she starts her training :-). The ornament from your late hubby is so beautiful, I would be in bits all day too. The woodcarving is amazing, the birds are beautiful. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad, it must be a difficult time at the moment. I hope life gets better for you, thinking of you and wishing you happiness! J :-)

  5. It seems that bundle of joy has turned into a bundle of problems. Let's hope the training helps.

    Your husband's farewell gift to you had me nearly in tears. It is beautiful, as is the gift from your son. Sorry to read about your father, though, because life has not been as fair to you this new year.

    The mushroom soup looks good, and your mug is so pretty and colorful. Thanks for sharing your drink and soup with us, along with the antics of loony Luna for T this Tuesday.

  6. Hope the training classes help Luna...poor Soot shouldn't be left out and afraid all the time. I suppose velcro wouldn't hold Luna's sweater on? Good luck with the situation! happy T day...stay warm!

  7. Ahhh... the joys of puppies ♥ They can be so much work but eventually do usually settle in and become a respectable family member.

  8. Luna is a stinker!! She's going to keep you on your toes! My neighbors have a husky named Luna. That's the first I've heard of that for a dog name. It quite lovely.
    Happy T day!

  9. Oh Dear! Appointments every day isn't good - I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. Luna also seems to be finding her feet (and buttons!)
    I hope she doesn't make you too tired! When you mentioned the optician it gave me a nudge as I need to make a diabetic eye screen appointment - the letter came through before Christmas! What beautiful presents you received - I can only imagine what that must have felt like. Hope Luna's week is slightly calmer! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  10. Oh my, Cazzie, you've got a lot on your plate! I hope the training will help Luna settle down and behave. My heart goes out to poor Sooty. My hubby brought a dog home for himself. She turned out to be very protective of him and jealous of me. There were some scary incidents for me. It's two years now and the situation is a lot better but the dog still scares me sometimes.

    So sorry to hear about your dad. I'm glad you took time out to join us for T ;-) Hugs, Eileen

  11. I'm sorry to hear of your dad's diagnosis.
    Well. Luna sounds a bit of a handful. What with you having appointments every day, you will have your hands full. The jealousy is a problem. I feel sorry for poor Sooty. I do hope the training will help.
    Sorry I'm so late in commenting, I've been away from my desk.
    Belated happy T-Day,