Monday, 2 January 2017

T on Tuesday and Luna's arrived!

 As it is T on Tuesday here is yet another pancake stack this time with fruit tea in my sheep mug! Join in this weekly tradition at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's place! Once again I need to apologise for not returning your comments last week - I intended to do it but I've been a little distracted as you will see.
As you may know from previous posts, 2016 was a horrible year for me. I wish you all a Happy 2017. I still have bad things going on but.......

......Luna has arrived at last and my life will never be the same again! She flew from Cyprus to Amsterdam, was collected by pet courier and driven here via the Eurotunnel train to arrive New Year's Eve early afternoon. Be prepared to be bombarded with Luna photos!

I cried when the man brought her in, got lots of kisses from Luna though.

Not only has she left Cyprus they cut off all her curls so she must be feeling the cold. But look at that waggy tail!
She wasn't house trained but after one small "accident" she hasn't had any more and today was actually at the door asking to go out, but then wouldn't do what she had to do until Sooty came out too, and I have to go out every time! That can be very cold, wet and dodgy as the ramp that is there from Alfie's days made by Shaun got very slippery in the frost.

Luna had never seen a TV or lived in a house before. I put the TV on Saturday afternoon and it was still tuned in to CBeebies from my visitors who left just after lunch and before Luna arrived. The programme was about a little girl who had 3 husky dogs, Luna was fascinated.
Later there were fireworks so I had to sit up cuddling two terrified dogs until 1am and channel hopping to avoid fireworks on TV. 
Sunday we went for a very wet and cold walk, came home and put the fire on and heating and TV, sat dozing cuddling Luna and it was Countryfile with dogs and sheep and lambs. That seemed OK but next it was Planet Earth 2 and Luna was growling at the animals, first a Jaguar, then Iguana's being chased by snakes. I went to cook my dinner and suddenly heard loads of growling and Luna backed rapidly into the kitchen, when I looked it was the monkeys in India she didn't like!
In this photo she is watching Monster's University and wasn't sure what to make of the monsters!

Selfie with Luna. She jumps up and clings on a lot, she likes to greet other people like it but they don't all want muddy clothes! Found out on day three she is scared of men. She loves everyone else and other dogs and thinks they all want Luna cuddles and muddy paw prints all over lol.
She spent her first night sleeping on top of me with her head nestled in my neck, second night she curled up besides me. Saturday night I had to fight two dogs for the duvet which is a single one on a king size bed. Last night I put the other one back on and Sooty was happy.

When I first saw the three photos of Luna I thought she was about the same size as Sooty and bought a coat in that size but she is bigger so it's about 2 inches too short and I've ordered a bigger one. I couldn't let her go walkies in this cold wet country without a coat so I used it and cannot return it now.

I also made a jumper the same size as Sooty's but left it unfinished as I became suspicious she was bigger after seeing a video of her and I'm nearly done adjusting it. In the meantime she is wearing Alfie's old one that looks like a bolero on her.

Luna with one of her new toys. She ignored them on day one but on day two she started to play and even stole 3 balls of yarn from a bag in the craft room while I was on the phone.

This was after I got up. We were catching some sun on a cold and frosty day. Not sure Sooty stayed put like this for long, he's been sulking a bit since Luna arrived.
I'm finishing this post in bed with Luna laying tight by my side demanding regular cuddles and Sooty snoring next to me.


  1. I love your Luna story. She is adorable. We have a similar program here in the Northeast US. Our dogs came from the southern US where they have too many dogs and they come north to where we don't have enough dogs for all the homes that want them. Our dog Maddie had never lived in a house either and she barked at things like the tv and the phone when we got her. Now she is domesticated for certain. happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  2. And I meant to say, what a stack of pancakes too. Happy T day.

  3. Oh my goodness, Luna is so adorable! She is a beauty and I'm so pleased that she is so happy with her waggy tail :-). It looks like she is settling in well and enjoying her new home. Your pancakes look yummy too, wishing you all a very Happy T Day! J :-)

  4. Oh dear Cazzy my heart is overjoyed for you and your dear Luna! What a gift you have given her, and she , you. You may want to look at this blog-my friend from afar Frieda-who went through the loss of her last dog-and found a rescue dog far away too. She is blogging about it all.

    I can appreciate it all as we lost our beloved dog in June and life has not been the same. Best wishes to all , happy New Year and a happy T day too!

  5. I was surprised the two of them got along so well together from the very beginning. You were very, very lucky in that respect. All those photos of Luna make me wish I had an animal that would sit still for a photo. I got so spoiled by my first cat that would even pose for me. Now, neither of my fellows like to be photographed.

    I look forward to seeing how Luna adapts to her new home and am glad you adopted her. Thanks for sharing your apple pancakes and fruit tea, along with photos of Sooty and Luna for T this Tuesday. So glad you could make it, too.

  6. How happy a sight that is, dogs in happy homes :) Happy T Tuesday!

  7. Your new companion looks just darling, enjoy being with her!
    Your pancakes and tea look great. Have a great year, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  8. Awww! Isn't she gorgeous! I can tell she will be a tad spoilt before long. And is Sooty a bit jealous? I wouldn't blame him. They will become great friends I'm sure.
    Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos.
    Happy New Year and happy T-Day,

  9. Lovely photos and such a happy new beginning for the New Year with Luna at last settled in your home.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Tales (and tails) of Luna and sooty: I love 'em. Luna seems like a very intelligent dog, especially in the way she is so aware of what's on TV. Several of our dogs never "got" that the 2D images related to anything 3D in their world. Haooy T Day nad Happy New Year to you and your two fur babies, Cazzy!

  11. Congratulations Cazzy on your Luna!! I had a dog that color once and i called her yes i love coffee... :) Have a wonderful new year with your Sooty and your new Luna! Happy T day Hugs! deb

  12. Oh My! Luna is a most fascinating little dog - so pleased that Sooty has taken to her! Happy New Year and Happy T Day!Chrisx

  13. what a wonderful way to begin 2017...adorable fur babies! have fun with them and Happy T Day, and Happy New Year!