Monday, 28 March 2016

Happy Easter little ones!

Easter pressies for my grandchildren. The carrot pouches are from a free pattern on Amigurumi to go. She also has a bunny pattern to fit the pouches (might have been a better one to do), not the one I did.

The baby bunny was from a free pattern from Simply Collectable, I fell in love with those ridiculously long ears!

The Hatching Easter Chick is a free pattern from Toma Creations, so cute and baby friendly.

I surface crocheted the children's initials on their carrots and here they are with the toys inside and the drawstrings drawn up and tied in a bow.

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  1. Hey Cazzy!! A few months ago we talked and you put my link on your blog. Could you please send me a logo of your blog to put in my side bar. I'd appreciate it...thanks!!!