Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Latest projects

We visited our new granddaughter at the weekend, and I got quite a lot of crochet done. I started making these mittens because it was so cold and I only had wrist warmers with me. I made the pattern up as I went, but sadly ran out of the yarn on Sunday. So today I went to Wilkinsons to buy some more!

Before we went I had an idea. Mother in Law is always complaining of the opressive heat (it is oppressive) and yet she is cold. I worked out it was her legs that get cold, she only ever wears skirts and can no longer put her thin tights on or socks. The carers would put them on but she doesn't want them. Her legs swell up and socks cut in. So I thought of leg warmers. I studied a few patterns then based these loosely on one for a child, made a ribbed top, and crocheted downwards but I tapered them towards the ankle. I was fully expecting them to be too big, and took them over with my tape measure - but they fitted perfectly! MIL is now happy and warm, and I guess I will have to make another pair so she can wash one! I need some too, mine are bought, knitted and much thinner yarn!

Does anyone want a step by step on how to make these?

 I bought a used copy of this from Amazon, it is in US terms but has some good patterns. Lots of people have found it good to learn to crochet because it is very clear with good photos and diagrams. I only wanted it for the patterns.

 I finished this jumper in Drops Verdi while we were away, it is lovely and soft and I think warm - the yarn has mohair in it. Where does that come from - I can't remember! I am allergic to Angora, I hope mohair is going to be ok.

Remember this? One piggy is smaller than the other, I must have picked up the wrong hook. So while we were there I made another piggy which matched the bigger piggy - so now I need to work out which hook I made the smaller piggy with and make another one!

I also started making a toy, it is going quite well so far!

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