Tuesday, 7 June 2016

T on Tuesday, heatwave maybe?

This evening, and here is my mug of hot chocolate - or to be more accurate - hot raw cacao with a little coconut sugar, cinnamon, ground vanilla and nutmeg. Yum. Why - well it is T for Tuesday, that day when you can blog anything you like if you include a beverage (real or crafted) somewhere along the line and if you join in at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's blog.
This week's Dancing in the Sea square is bobble hearts. Some folk are getting creative with different motifs, I did attempt dog's paw prints but gave up and I like the hearts anyway!

Kenny was here! 4 year old Kenny took about 20 photos of his Minion light with my phone, but it has my tea in it!
Lily was fascinated with my crochet, it is a wonder I got any done at all!

My own strawberries for breakfast!

It's short and sweet, I am shattered after a week of grandchildren and family staying. I know it does hubby a lot of good, but the family were shocked at how ill he looked and how tired he got when we went anywhere. He wants to do it while he still can, but he can't be anywhere for very long before he needs to go home and rest.
Tonight we went to the hospital for hubby's scan and I started another C2C blanket for a premature baby to keep busy while I waited. I started my last heart square but lost confidence that I was remembering the pattern correctly (I checked when I got home and it is right so far). I used one of my new Tulip hooks on the C2C, I love how it feels in my hand! I just hope I don't find out I am allergic to rubber!
Now Clover Armour hooks are half price at Amazon I am tempted to get a set to try against the Tulips (no - behave Cazzy!).
Once more I haven't got round and commented (apologies again) and now I am two weeks behind on that!