Sunday, 21 February 2016

Sponsored yarn bomb in Bath for Cancer Care.

I was invited to take part in a yarn bomb last time I dropped off the little green blanket and hat to the RUH, I would love to help if I can, in fact I would love to join the CAL sessions.

The details are here!

I hope it is O.K. to use this photo from Emma Leith's blog post about the yarn bomb, doesn't this look wonderful!

Bath in Fashion 2016 Yarn bomb preview

Sunday, 14 February 2016

More preemie makes.

I grabbed a ball of yarn and hook when we had another long wait in hospital recently, and this set of C2C blanket and beanie for a preemie baby went to NICU at the RUH, and I am told that they were "absolutely delighted" with it.

While we were away in Torquay I made another set in pale green.

The blanket probably needs blocking. This was taken in the hotel, see the posh damask bed cover thing. 
I have been suffering with dermatitis on my left hand, and my index finger is so sore I have had to stop crocheting for now, I hope it heals up soon, it is currently cracked and sore and nothing seems to help it.
Anyway this set will also go to the RUH NICU soon, and I have a package of other items to go to the Preemie and Angel baby group in Grimsby, and I have estranged family in Grimsby and the area so it seems appropriate. The group is desperate for items for twins at present.

These were the only photos I took when we were away because after a good trip down and first day hubby ended up in Torbay hospital in the early hours of the next morning, he wasn't at all well poor chap. Cancer is such a nasty disease, and comes with many other afflictions and not just physical ones. So it turned into the holiday from hell, and I didn't enjoy the food or surroundings while I was alone in the hotel. Shaun got to spend one night in the hotel and we came back a day early because he was clearly not enjoying it one bit. Our lovely son kindly came down by train and drove us back to save my poor back and knees.